Movie Review-Bong of the Dead


Plot-2 stoner friends Tommy and Edwin, found out thru a experiment that you can use zombie brains as fertilizer to grow killer weed. So our two stoners decide to go to the ” danger zone” and load their car up with zombies…along the way their car breaks down and they meet Leah, who is a badass  who with our two stoners are the last hope to save us


Review-Thomas Newman has issues. Some fucking serious issues. For all you old school horror fans who miss the days of Brain Dead, Dead/Alive and even the early Cheech and Chong before they sold out to be the Corsican Brothers. This film is your wet dream. The final act the last twenty minutes has more blood and gore than the whole horror crop of 2011 so far combined,   for that reason alone this film will be a late night on tv cult classic. The film’s tagline is–There will be bud..and while the stoner humor is hit and miss and some times does seem to go on longer than it should, this film is ballsy and pretty much not ashamed of what it is. It is so rare in this day and age for a low budget film to be proud of being a low budget film, and not try to dupe fans to believe it is something else. With this film, what you see is what you get. This film is all about peaks and valleys. The peaks in this film are the gore, and boy did he turn it up and give you fans a blood bath. This whole film you do not get a shortage of gore and zombies. And this is where the negative comes took about 40 minutes for this film to get going. To me, the dialogue between the two stoners was at times funny in a Bill and Ted meet Cheech and Chong way..but at others, you just felt like, the dialogue was going nowhere. When Leah enters the frame, is when the film found itself. Now, I almost forgot the first 10 minutes of this film are totally disturbing. Which means I loved it. It involves a old man and his wife (?) and I wont spoil it. But, let’s just say that was one of the most bizarre dinner scenes I have seen since Dead/Alive and it worked.

And zombie leader Alex Montgomery, he assembled what 2 different zombie armies to fight the living. And one of the zombies was blind with his eyes hanging out. And you get zombie lesbians, a chinese zombie who eats with chop sticks and most of all a finale where the characters get all matrixed out to fight the zombies with lawnmowers in the front of their trucks. Despite a few flaws in some of the dialogue, this film is beyond a must. This is one of those films like Klown Kamp Massacre that has to be seen to be believed. This film also has a scene during the closing credits which shows us the future of bong zombie horror films…we will name it the B2. This is that film to invite a group of friends over, and have fun.


8 out of 10…