Movie Review-Basket Case


Coming to blu ray this tuesday…


Special Features

New full-frame HD transfer preserving the original 16mm camera ratioNew video introduction by Frank HenenlotterAudio commentary by director Frank Henenlotter, producer Edgar

Rare outtakes and behind-the-scenes footage from the Director’s

Two theatrical trailers plus TV spot

2001 video short: In Search of the Hotel Broslin

Two rare Basket Caseradio spots

Gallery of Basket Case exploitation art and behind-the-scene


Plot-Frank Henenlotter’s 1982 cult classic about a young man named Duane Bradley who carries a basket with his deformed siamese twin brother.


Review-Who would have guessed when me and my brother originally rented this in 1983 at the local video store from media home video, that I would be here almost 30 years later, reviewing this and calling this a cult classic. Watching this tonight, is the first time since 1983 I watched it, and to tell you the truth…I loved this film probably more tonight than I did back then. This film is so beyond odd, and the gore and stop-motion animation..this film is a blast.  Duane and his brother are out to get the doctors who separated them, we get to watch the flashback on this surgery when they were young, to save Duane and kill his brother. But, somehow the brother survived..with only their Aunt as the sole person who understood them, they are now out for payback. Along the way, Duane falls in love and his brother will have none of that nonsense. They get this room at the Hotel Breslin, and their neighbors are all curious about that basket he carries around with him everywhere he goes. In one scene, they go to a movie. Here they are watching Kung Fu with the basket taking a seat. And the deformed brother gets a crush on one of the neighbors and steals her panties after he is caught feeling her up. Come on, how can you not love this stuff…

I give major kudos to Image, they are putting a lot of New World Video and other extinct studios libraries to blu ray and dvd, and I hope that many other studios follow suit and instead of releasing crappy remakes and reboots…just release the classics with added special features. Basket Case is such a fun time, and I think if you are any kind of horror fan..and you have not seen this film, you owe it to yourself to watch this film asap. This is the part where I talk about the negatives, and I only have one major gripe. Why no reunion on this re release? Almost all the stars are alvie as is Frank..why not a 2011 where are they now..Kevin the main star only did the 3 Basket Case films…and maybe a bit role here and there..I would love to hear what he thought about this legacy. And lord forbid, when will they put two and three on blu ray? And sure enough you get some basket case dry humping….


10 out of 10…if you do not have this in your collection…what are you waiting for???