Movie Review-Erotic Escape

Plot-Originally titled Fuga Scabrosamente Pericolosa and released in 1985. This is the story of a political prisoner who escapes from a jail and he takes a hostage. After some brutality towards the daughter of a wealthy businessman, you start to feel maybe a love connection. When it comes to Nello Rossati who knows what to expect..maybe some italian sleaze…

Review-I mean I can sit here and trash or commend this film, but kudos should go to the studio One 7 Movies for at least releasing some of these lost treasures. This film I had trouble with from a standpoint of you have Eleonora Vallone and you are saying there is going to be this and that, and there is not that much to brag about. I did not hate this film, but this is part of the Italian Sleaze collection and it kind of skimped on the sleaze. Elenora played a great victim. She is incredibly beautiful and innocent, that you cannot help but feel for her. The film is violent. And there is some abuse scenes that kind of surprised me how realistic they looked.

To me, if you watch this film today…you will still get the same effect you got in 85. Though, the picture is grainy at times and the sound quality is ok to a point. I would say, as a whole this is one of the better of the recently re released sleaze films that has come down the pike. I really enjoyed this film, though it did skimp on the pervert made up for it with a solid story and some great dialogue and acting. Oh lord, who would think I would say that about a italian sleaze wanna be porn film.

7 out of 10