Metal Review – Untimely Demise – City of Steel (2011)

Untimely Demise - City of SteelUntimely Demise’s self-released debut full-length album, City Of Steel, is bringing the Saskatoon, Saskatchewan-based thrash metal band some praise from various media outlets, and for a lot of what is heard on City of Steel, this is due praise. There are plenty of thrash elements on this debut release that make for a decent listen for most metal fans and especially thrash fans. I am not completely sold on the vocals, but they are not necessarily bad vocals. I am just very particular on my thrash band vocals. Outside of the thrash metal portions of this album, Unmaker is a progressive metal dream. It is a nice song with some major progressive elements.

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan-based thrash/death metal trio UNTIMELY DEMISE has signed a worldwide multi-album deal with Sonic Unyon Metal!

The group’s self-released debut full-length album, City Of Steel, has already brought UNTIMELY DEMISE incredible praise from international magazines and media outlets, as well as from countless notable and influential metal artists who have heard the album or shared the stage with the band. The blazing seven-track release was produced by ex-Megadeth/King Diamond guitarist Glen Drover, and showcases over 32 minutes of professionally-executed metal supremacy.

Formed in 2006, UNTIMELY DEMISE has been drawing comparisons to some of the most respected acts in their genre, such as Megadeth, Arch Enemy and Death. The battle-tested group continues to work with the  finest acts in metal, playing numerous shows with 3 Inches Of Blood, Into Eternity, Toxic Holocaust, Evile, Gama Bomb and Bonded By Blood.

Having recently returned from a successful headlining tour of Eastern Canada, the band is planning to begin touring the United States and abroad, following the re-release of City Of Steel.