Metal Review – Toxic Holocaust – Conjure and Command (2011)

Toxic Holocaust - Conjure and CommandPortland’s Toxic Holocaust is proving to be one step ahead of all of the other retro-thrash metal bands out there these days, and with the release of their latest opus, Conjure and Command, this continues to be true. Conjure and Command is their fourth full-length release and sounds like it has the makings to be their best. The gritty style that Toxic Holocaust brings their thrash in just works for me. Their tone is intense, the vocals are effective and the riffs are maddening. Forget the retro-thrash bit. I would put them up there with most thrash bands today.

This is the first album recorded with a full band and not just Joel Grind, so there is much to look forward to here. It is nice to hear more input from members and it just works for me. You still have the pissed off style of metal that you would expect though, so if that is what you are used to, you are still getting it here. This album is really a pissed off person’s wet dream.

Conjure and Command Track Listing:
01. Judgment Awaits You
02. Agony Of The Damned
03. Bitch
04. Red Winter
05. Nowhere To Run
06. I Am Disease
07. In The Depths (Of Your Mind)
08. The Liars Are Burning
09. Revelations
10. Sound The Charge