Metal Review – Thrall – Vermin to the Earth (2011)

Thrall - Vermin to the EarthAustrailian black metal band Thrall made a huge splash last year with their full-length debut album, Away from the Haunts of Men. Here we are a year later with Vermin to the Earth and they are looking very likely to make the same sort of impact with their follow-up. I was really into their debut and now I can say that their follow-up may have actually topped it.

The tone of Vermin to the Earth is much darker, but the music has a more rock feel to it while still maintaining the integrity of their brand of black metal. So far, the standout to me has been Oblivion. It has a rocking feel and a black metal feel all in one.

THRALL made waves internationally with their bold “Away From the Haunts of Men” debut, but now the enigmatic Australian duo returns with the even darker, more treacherous and rocking “Vermin to the Earth.” Grim and dissonant, breathing pestilence, “Vermin to the Earth” is a black-metalled ride across the wastelands of wretched modernity, rusting outward with desolate dirges, mid-tempo headbangers, and suicidal finality, every song a hymn to the downfall of the disease named man. THRALL’s “Vermin” is coming for you!