Metal Review – Svartsot – Maledictus Eris (2011)

Svartsot - Maledictus ErisGrab your steins and fill them with beer as we review the latest Svartsot release, Maledictus Eris. This folk metal band can bring it with the best of them and their latest release is no different. You know exactly what you are getting into with Svartsot if you have heard them before. They are heavy and there is no remorse when the album begins.

After the intro, we get into Gud Giv Det Varer Ved! and I will put it out there. I love this song. It is balls out fun, and this is coming from someone who is now really into the folk metal scene at all. Most bands tend to sound the same, and with me, I need something a little different to set a band apart from all of the rest. With Svartsot, it is their heaviness. Listen to tracks like Dødedansen and you will see what I mean. That is just a brutal aural assault.

Overall, folk metal fans will love this. Hell, even death metal fans will dig what they are doing here. Take a swig of your beer and enjoy.