Metal Review – Single Bullet Theory – IV (2011)

Single Bullet Theory - IVLiking Single Bullet Theory is just not supposed to happen for a metal fan. I know that the lead singer, Matt DiFabio, has a very abrasive personality, but as far as the music goes, the band, whatever rendition they throw at us, has released three previously solid albums. Mark their fourth release, aptly titled IV, as the fourth solid release from this Philadelphia-based band.

I started getting into Single Bullet Theory after their second album. I saw them open up for Amorphis at what Matt referred to as the “broom closet” at the Trocadero in Philadelphia. That was a term previously coined by Nevermore frontman Warrel Dane whom DiFabio obvious respects based on the sound of his vocals, which are a nice mix of clean and harsh vocals, each of which is solid.

Getting back to the bad rap that SBT gets, I just do not understand it. The metal community is seriously down on this band for one reason or another. It may have to do with them not fitting comfortably into any specific genre of metal, but I am not quite sure that is the case. Regardless of what the metal community thinks about SBT, count me in as a fan. The riffs are crushing and technical whether they are riding a thrashing riff or displaying the technical prowess that the band does utilize.

There is not a band song on this release, but there are plenty of kick-ass tunes on here. It is exactly what I expected. The riffs overpower you and the vocals are varied and solid. Hopefully, SBT will finally get the respect that they deserve with this release because it is a long time coming.

Oh, and did I mention they have a wicked version of the Death classic Spirit Crusher?

IV Track Listing:
1.      Diabolical
2.      What Have I
3.      The Wake of Betrayal
4.      Hands of the Wicked
5.      Leviathan Smiles
6.      Auctioneer of Souls
7.      Letting Go
8.      Samsara
9.      Echoes of the Past

Bonus Tracks
10.      Spirit Crusher (Death cover)
11.      The Hurt That Never Ends

Single Bullet Theory