Metal Review – Rwake – Rest (2011)

Rwake - RestRwake once again proves themselves to be a perpetually evolving metal band. For the first time in four years, they are back with Rest and it was worth the wait. Perhaps we are looking at the new sludge metal, or perhaps Rwake is evolving more into a progressive metal band than their previous efforts, but regardless of where they fit into the genres of metal, Rest is an album that needs to be heard.

As with previous efforts, the music is all atmosphere. Each song is like a trip to a distant land. It is truly a thinking man’s album. Give this one a good listen my friends.

Arkansas’ backwoods doomsayers RWAKE awaken from their slumber to unleash their long-awaited new album, Rest. Their first new material in over four years, Rest is less a set of songs than a perpetually evolving, deeply emotional set of missives heralding the end of times. Rest is nothing short of epic, and not only one of 2011’s finest albums but one of the finest progressive/doom/sludge metal records ever.