Metal Review – Revocation – Chaos of Forms (2011)

Revocation - Chaos of FormsSometimes you forget just how much classic metal resonates with you. I am still not sure if it is the age factor or just the quality of music being released nowadays, but for the most part, I will take my classic Master of Puppets and Defenders of the Faith over what is being released these days. That is not to say that all new metal is subpar. I am really loving what Machine Head is doing alongside some other bands that I talk about ad nauseum like Alcest and Eastern Front.

Revocation’s latest release, Chaos of Forms, came at me with with no fanfare and I was definitely not looking forward to it immensely, but all I can say is that I have been plenty surprised with it. It is a solid release that I would put up there with most new releases. Of course, I would not be putting it up there with the classics, but for what I have been hearing lately, Revocation is spot on with the direction that metal should be going in. Yes, it still does the remnants of a lot of what I hate about extreme metal too, but the majority of the album is solid and I will stand by that. Take a listen to this one when you get a chance.