Metal Review – Reign of Vengeance – Disemboweling Swine (2011)

Reign of Vengeance - Disemboweling SwineI have been torn on Reign of Vengeance’s full length debut, Disemboweling Swine, for a little while now. I am not sure whether I like it or hate it. My feelings are moved a little each way when I listen to it. I do lean more towards the side of liking it though – how much I am just not sure yet.

Reign of Vengeance are a technical death metal band hailing from Scottsdale, Arizona. I really hate to call this death metal, but it seems like everyone else wants to, so let’s go with it for now. There are plenty of experimental elements and nu metal stylings thrown in here as well. Musically, the album is as sharp as could be with cutting riffs and edgy sounds. Vocally is where ROV loses me. This is where the nu metal stylings come into play.

The songs are really solid and easy to listen to, and as mentioned previously, the riffs are killer. It is definately worth a very nice, long listen, but my feeling is that this album will not have much longevity with people. I know that it will not for me, but like I said, I am leaning towards the side of really liking it and I would love to catch them live to see what they sound like in person.

Track Listing:
1. In The Club (With a Chainsaw)
2. She’s Best Kept Headless
3. A Massacre of Mormons
4. A Misfortunate Ride (The Goregrinder)
5. The Unwanted Intruders
6. He Hates His Fucking Job, He Hates His Fucking Wife, He Hates His Fucking Life
7. A Tradition of Bloodshed
8. As Seen On T.V.
9. It Shouldn’t Have Been Found, It Shouldn’t Have Been Written