Metal Review – Lonely Kamel – Dust Devil (2011)

Lonely Kamel - Dust DevilSometimes, you just need to get down and dirty and roll around in the mud, or in this case the sludge. Oslo, Norway based Lonely Kamel comes at us with Dust Devil, a Black Sabbath/Hendrix/Kyuss mix with a few other elements thrown in. This stoner rock band brings back retro like only the Scandinavians can sometimes.

From the opening, muddy riffs on Grim Reefer to last note of Whorehouse Groove, Dust Devil will please fans of the aforementioned bands looking for something new to add to their collection. I cannot get enough of this one these days. It is really hitting the spot.

Dust Devil Track Listing:
1. Grim Reefer
2. Evil Man
3. Blues For The Dead
4. Rotten Seed
5. Seventh Son
6. The Prophet
7. Ragnarokr
8. Roadtrip With Lucifer
9. Hard To Please
10. Whorehouse Groove

– Thomas Brenna / vocals, guitars
– Stian Helle / bass
– Lukas Paulsen / guitars
– Espen Nesset / drums