Metal Review – Goregast – Desechos Humanos (2011)

Goregast - Desechos HumanosWhether you want to call Goregast deathcore or deathgrind or straight up death metal, the third album from this German metal band, Desechos Humanos, simply rocks. I am by no means a fan of deathcore, but this album hit me like a ton of bricks and made me a fan of Goregast right away. I have listened to it about a dozen times already and I want to keep listening to it.

It is not a straight deathcore experience by any means. There are a ton of death metal riff with even some various melodic moments sprinkled in for good measure. Some of the highlights to this one would be the title track, Desechos Humanos, and the way-too-brief Necrophagic Pathologist, but the album in its entirety simply rocks.

Look to pick this one up on its release date of September 9, 2011.