Metal Review – Fuck the Facts – Die Miserable (2011)

Fuck the Facts - Die MiserableOttawa’s Fuck the Facts is back with their eagerly-awaited new album Die Miserable. This extreme metal band brings it heavy with each release and their latest effort is no different. Technically, they have the chops to compete with most bands out there and, vocally, they are as solid as ever.

This is a release that will test your metal fortitude for sure. With politically-charged lyrics and hate-filled themes, this release will satisfy most extreme metal fans as well as fans of grindcore and hardcore. This is one not to be missed for fans of these genres.

Ottawa’s FUCK THE FACTS return with their long-awaited new album Die Miserable. Set for release in North America via Relapse Records on October 11th, Die Miserable was recorded between tours at the band’s own home studio. Featuring over 35 minutes of FUCK THE FACTS’ scorching blend of socio-politically-charged grind, hardcore and metal fans worldwide have embraced for the past decade, the album showcases some of the finest work the band has embodied to date. Even heavier than their previous works, the album sees the band exorcise darker shades of metal and varied strains of punk amongst their imitable grinding attack. No matter the synthesis, Die Miserable is relentlessly heavy and a furious assault from front to back from one of metals most underrated and prolific bands.

Fuck the Facts