Metal Review – Excommunicated – Skeleton Key (2011)

Excommunicated - Skeleton KeyExcommunicated’s debut album, Skeleton Key, will be unleashed on August 15, 2011 and I hope you are ready for it. Excommunicated is a Louisiana-based blackened death metal outfit that can simply bring it with the best of them. I expect this release to leave its mark on death metal (and my top ten list) in 2011. This one even has some great guest appearances – guitarist Andy LaRocque (KING DIAMOND, X-WORLD 5) and vocalist Vincent Crowley (ACHERON, WOLFEN SOCIETY) leave their mark on Skeleton Key.

Skeleton Key is a rather diverse piece that seems to switch gears as easily as people change their socks. Each song is unique and comes at you differently. One of the more diverse songs on the album is Cry to Heaven. It continuously jumps out at me every time that I listen to this release.

Overall, I think that death metal fans will get their fill with this release, so it is one that you need to get your hands one.