Metal Review – Edguy – Age of the Joker (2011)

Edguy - Age of the JokerI have said it a few times before, but I have to put the disclaimer out there. I am not a power metal fan. I am very friendly with classic power metal, but the over the top silliness that a lot of the newer power metal bands utilize is not on speaking terms with me. With that disclaimer out of the way, I will say that I can somewhat get behind the new Edguy album, Age of the Joker. I say somewhat because they are still up to their silliness that they have been using in their most recent releases and they still seem to have more of a rock sound than their classic power metal sound of early efforts.

If you want to get a nice sample of what the new Edguy sounds like, look no further than the leading track from the new album, Robin Hood. This epic track comes in at over eight minutes and rounds up what Edguy is all about. Its numerous elements hit on a lot of what the new Edguy sound is. The problem is that you also get to experience what makes Edguy lame in many instances. The ridiculous lyrics at times are enough to isolate me before the end of a lot of their songs. Silly lyrics have no place in my heart.

Another standout song is the second track. Nobody’s Hero. This is probably my favorite on the album. Of course, the vocals are always handled solidly, so that is really nothing new, but it seems like more passion is used in this track.

Overall, if you like power metal, then you will love this album, but outside of true power metal fans, I am not sure how receptive most metal fans will be with Age of the Joker.