Metal Review – Anthrax – Worship Music (2011)

Anthrax - Worship MusicIt seems like such an odd thing to say these days, but I have a tough time listening to a new studio album from Anthrax without John Bush. I am probably in the minority, but I am much more of a Bush fan than a Joey Belladonna fan. I have all the respect in the world for the Belladonna years. The tone was crushing and Among the Living and Persistence of Time remain my two favorite Anthrax releases, but I was never a huge Anthrax fan because I felt like Belladonna held them back. Like I said, I know that I am in the minority on that one. Before The Big Four tour, I even questioned whether or not Anthrax would even be relevant in the metal community anymore. Now, with that legendary tour behind them, they felt like it is the right time to release a new album.

Fast forward to 2011 and here comes Anthrax at us with a new release with Joey Belladonna back on vocals. The guitar tone is still crushing and it is like taking a trip in a time machine back to their relevant years. I am into the album, although I am questioning how much longevity this album will have with me. I have heard major praise for Worship Music, so I was very eager to get my hands on it. Looks like the praise is rightfully earned.

Worship Music is a mixed bag of some stuff that you are used to hearing from Anthrax. Listen to the familiar sounds of songs like Fight ‘Em Til You Can’t and then on the opposite side of things, you have songs like I’m Alive, which sounds like anything but Anthrax. Overall, both styles are handled well.

  • I have to say like you I am a Bush fan. Among the Living is amazing. Every old school headbanger was a fan of Indians, I am the Law and etc..and Persistance of Time to me is still to this day a amazing record. But, Bush…Stomp 442 is in my top ten of all time. I had to hear Worship Music for the simple fact that Anthrax to me in the last few years have changed their tune on Joey and John so much, it gets to the point I want to tell Charlie and Scott to be honest. All respect to John who has been treated like shit by this band and still looked out for them each time they were in dire need of a singer for a tour. The cd to me is typical Joey.. though I am a fan of their version of New Noise. This cd to me should be their swan song. I mean, what else does Antrax, like Metallica have to offer? Just tour…play greatest hits shows…