Maniac Cop review


Coming to blu ray October 11th..


So what makes this different than the dvd…well I will tell you…

  • Widescreen Anamorphic 1.85:1
  • DTS 6.1 Surround Sound
  • Maniac Cop Memories Featurette
  • Out the Window – Interview with Tom Atkins
  • Three Minutes with Danny Hicks Featurette
  • Motion Still Gallery
  • Additional Japanese TV Scenes
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • TV Spots
  • Spanish Radio Spot

How can you go wrong with a Spanish radio spot..and Japanese tv scenes. When I watched the dvd a few weeks ago, I was impressed with the transfer. But, rewatching it again on blu ray..this is the version all you Maniac Cop fans will love, the picture and sound is so much clearer and crisper.


The year was 1988. How many horror fans, or action fans remember going to the
video store and looking for the hot new release Maniac Cop. Going home and
popping it into the VCR or beta max and having a blast. Hot off the heels of the
RoboCop fad, came this film from one of my favorite directors ever-William Lustig. ( the man responsible for Maniac,
Vigilante, the underrated Judd Nelson film Relentless and the sequel Maniac Cop
2…there is a spoiler, this film has 2 sequels)  



The Plot-( just in case someone may be in the dark) In New York, people are
dying, innocent people just murdered. A witness claims it was a cop. Soon,
citizens are warned that there is a maniac cop on the loose. Jack Forrest (
played by icon Bruce Campbell) is the number one suspect, and he is out to clear
his name and bring the real Maniac Cop down.




Review-How many people remember the cheap wanna be flick that followed called Psycho Cop. Synapse what
about a release?  That would be fun. This film is a throwback to the good old
days, of just finding out about a film by being at the video store and looking
at the box and reading the back and having to see it. This film is so fun. It is
violent and you can tell they were inspired by the Robocop series who was just
then taking off. Also, you can tell the nod to Maniac with the brutality of some
of the scenes. But, watching it now I noticed a glitch. Anyone notice when the
van goes into the water, and it is almost different when it comes out. That
leant to the cheesiness of this film. And Sam Raimi in the blink and you will miss it scene as a newspaper
reporter. Jake ” Raging Bull” Lamotta in a brief scene. This film is no 5 star classic,
but it is harmless fun.




7 out of 10