Concert Review – Uproar Festival – Boston, MA

SevendustHere is a review of the Uproar Festival from Boston, MA from the one and only Joaquin.

This year’s Uproar Festival was filled with some of today’s biggest hard rock and metal bands out there and currently are touring the states through October. One stop was in Boston, which was labeled as the “show that almost didn’t happen”, due to hurricane Irene.  After a rescheduled date, the show did happen, and here are some photos of the festival and reviews of the bands I saw at Uproar.

Black Tide:  The youngest band on the tour. These guys were so much fun to see; they were highly energetic, pumping themselves up and the crowd. The drummer was beating on the drums like it owed him money. You could tell they were having blast up on stage. They kind of reminded me of Trivium. After their set, they were on the side shaking hands and taking photos with fans. They were real down to earth genuine guys.

Sevendust:  These veterans of the rock community showed off that they could still rock out and get everyone excited to see them. As headliners on the 2nd stage, they managed to keep a huge crowd out in the blistering sun for their set.  Once they hit the stage, there was no stopping them, they kept moving around and getting up and close with their audience.  Performance wise these guys were good.

Escape the Fate:  This year’s main stage openers, Escape the Fate, were a surprise to me.  They sounded different from what I remember from their debut album. It seems like they changed their sound from post-hardcore/metal to a hard rock/metal/80’s type of sound, which was enjoyable to hear. It’s always hard being the first band up on the main stage because of the people still straggling in and trying to find their seats. They had a good amount of fans singing along and enjoying their set.

Miss Uproar Boston 2011: While setting up for BFMV, a small beauty pageant was held. Seven contestants were picked to show off their assets to be named Miss Uproar Boston 2011. First round was decided by the crowd’s reaction, narrowing them down to four.  Three guest judges who are members from: Escape the Fate, Black Tide, and Art of Dying, had to question the final four contestants and decide on a winner. After a few questions, the winner was announced to be Eileen from Boston.

Bullet for My Valentine:  BFMV started of their set with a bang! A huge black drape dropped, unveiling their banner of a giant British flag with a fist and their name in the middle.  They kicked off their set with “Your Betrayal”, which got everyone on their feet.  With a good mixture of old and newer songs throughout the set, you could feel every heavy note coming out the speakers. The only complaint I had was that they went on too early. The sun was shining on them and you weren’t able to enjoy their light show due to it. Otherwise, it was a great set and ended with “Begging for Mercy”.

Seether:  I’m not really a fan of Seether, so I’m not going to say a whole lot. Their sound reminds me of some old grunge music mixed in with Nickleback. The majority of the people rocking out were girls, so looks like I wasn’t part of their demographic.

Three Days Grace: Also, not a fan of Three Days Grace.  However, I was surprised to see how receptive people were as everyone was on their feet singing along. They played a couple of songs that I’ve heard before. Nothing really fancy about these guys, but you could tell they were enjoying themselves, constantly moving and getting the crowd to join them in the fun. They even took a song request from a fan. In all it was a good performance, even with a few audio problems and a horrible rendition of Eminem’s “Lose Yourself”.

Avenged Sevenfold:  Great choice for headliners, Avenged Sevenfold always puts on a great performance. Even if you don’t like their new stuff or them in general, they seem to find a way to make you enjoy them at that moment. Their huge sets, lighting, and pyrotechnics were like a throwback to the old arena rock shows.  Good clear and heavy sound throughout the whole set, a good mix of older and newer songs. If you’ve never seen them live, you’re missing out on a great show.