Movie Review-We are what we are (2010)

Plot-When father passes away, his son Alfredo takes over the family business…the finding of humans for cannibalism.

Review-Lets get this out of the way. All the comparisons to Let the Right one in. ” What that did vampire films, this will do for cannibal films”…Ok, we can now focus on this film. I applaud all the visionaries who try to re-invent a genre. If I started this review with the word cannibals or eating people, you would think The Hills have eyes, Wrong Turn, and etc…Cannibalism is that genre that seems to have no identity and you can never tell one film from another. They all seem to stumble upon each other. While the pacing of this film is very similar to Let the Right One In, this film is a different beast all together. You start this film with the dad dying at the mall and just to show how cheap life is. He dies, and the cleaning crew just pick him up and clean the mess so uncaring and non schlant. Now, you have a fatherless cannibal family, that we learn early are not so happy. This family has so much tension and dysfunction. From the mom, who is a very angry woman and also so uncaring. And the two brothers, Alfredo who is now the head of the house even though Mom is strongly opposed, and the other brother the very off the handle and violent one who cannot keep his anger inside. And Sabina, who is the one who tries to be the glue to hold it all together but feels left out. When, Alfredo takes them to the bridge to try and kidnap a kid they screw up and cannot get a kid, and one dies. Then, they decide to do like their dad did. Get a hooker. Well, the mom opposes this idea, and after they kill her she brings the body to the corner where the hookers work, and dares the hookers to fuck her sons. Then, the cops are led on by a tip, from a gay man they try to kidnap and gets away.
This film has a few grisly scenes. But, I still liked the film cause it told a story and the story was solid. It told the story of a family that is falling apart and how important all the pieces in our family are. The last twenty minutes of this film had me wishing it was longer. I really got into this film, and yes I loved Let the Right One in. I am all for the genre of horror, being re-invented. I am just mad, that america is not doing it..instead it just recycles over and over again. And tries to make gold out of scraps of yesteryears or films we all loved. The Uk, and foreign markets are making horror fun again. Kudos

8 out of 10