Movie Review – The Perfect Host (2010)

The Perfect HostA criminal on the run cons his way into the wrong dinner party where the host is anything but ordinary.

Director: Nick Tomnay
Writer: Nick Tomnay
Stars: David Hyde Pierce, Clayne Crawford and Nathaniel Parker

The Perfect Host is Australian director and screenwriter Nick Tomnay’s feature film debut and it is a good one. Not too often will you view a film from a first-time director and have it come out as splendidly as it did here. While not perfect, it is a more than enjoyable watch along with a brilliant performance from David Hyde Pierce which along is worth the price of admission.

The Perfect Host is the kind of movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout your viewing. The twists and turns almost seem endless, but never confusing. Originally developed as an Australian short by Nick Tomnay, the story follows fugitive John Taylor as he finds the perfect hiding place that turns out to be anything but the perfect hiding place. Just when he thinks that he has it made, the first twist comes into play and David Hyde Pierce begins his turn into what will become a classic role. A lot of what makes The Perfect Host a smooth watch is the unpredictability found in the film and that unpredictability is what leaves you glued to your seat to find out what will happen next.

My main concern with the film is that there does not seem to be much material here that warrants the feature length of The Perfect Host. It seems as if the short was taken and modified to make it a full length, not that the film itself deserved the full length that it received. Outside of a few stumbling blocks, most people will really get a lot out of The Perfect Host though.