Movie Review-The Echo Game

Coming to dvd September 27th 2011

Plot-A mother must protect her daughter from a mad(wo)man scientist on a murderous rampage to steal the girl’s psychic powers for herself.

Review-This film is the perfect example of what a lot of us fans get mad about. Now, before you think I am going to start trashing this film and say I hated it. That is not the case. I liked this film till the last 10 minutes, at that point it ran out of gas and just seemed to just become so silly and redundant, and just plain and silly desperately stupid. The film barely clocks in at 75 minutes and the subject of the film while kinda silly, it was a ok little thriller. I like to give credit where credit is due. What a brave script. Not so much the story or dialogue, but the characters and situations. You have this film center around a married lesbian couple who have a daughter. The daughter has a gift of ESP and is being hunted by a mad scientist who needs her echo for her power. There were 10 kids and this is the last one alive. Now people are going to say, that I am missing a few details but the reason will spoil one of the plots. This film has a good idea at times, and a ok concept. But, this film has the most odd shower scene I ever watched in my life. The actress looked so uncomfortable in that shower. You must have thought she had her parents and family watching her. She looked odd and that made me feel uncomfortable and almost like a pervert. Like you know she did not want to film the scene.

This film is all about what you can handle in terms of fantasy and make believe. I know all films are a form of escape. But, this film asks you to not only shut off your brain but to leave common sense behind as well. At the end of the day, there has been worst films. This film was at least a fun ride for a hour. This film felt like method acting 101 at times. ” Ok you are going to pretend you are talking to ghosts”…

This film is like being hungry for a steak and going to burger king. It is a fast fix of junk food. I would say if you are in the mood for a silly little supernatural film, this is not that bad. I just wish the last ten minutes were at least trying…

6 out of 10