Movie Review – The Anniversary at Shallow Creek (2010)

The Anniversary at Shallow CreekSix best friends find themselves at the wrong place at the wrong time. They fight for their lives against a serial killer who has more in store for them than death.

Director: Jon D. Wagner
Writers: Eric Fischer, Brianna Lee Johnson
Stars: Katharine Brandt, Annie Burgstede and Anthony Campanello

I will give kudos to The Anniversary at Shallow Creek for exploring an idea that has not been tackled much in the slasher subgenre of horror – the sniper. The idea of being a completely helpless victim, caught if the crosshairs of a sniper rifle has not been exploited much in a slasher film. The suspense that could be captured on film could be legendary. The Anniversary at Shallow Creek was not exactly legendary. It was actually not really even good, but the idea that they set forth in this film was a good one.

Outside of a couple of instances, the gore was pretty well hidden in this film which never bodes well for a slasher film either. We got a nice glimpse of the after-effects of a headshot briefly at one point, but not much else going on. We also were given some tough decisions having to be made by some of the would-be victims which I always love seeing in films. We also got a glimpse of a true all American family that is quite insane.

All in all, there were plenty of chances to make this one a solid film, but the opportunities were never fully cashed in. It is really a shame because the performances were not bad for the most part and the direction of the film was just fine. Outside of a few plotholes and unfinished chances, the film was not half bad. I could definitely sleep at night telling people to rent this one.