Movie Review-Sex, Demons and Death

Plot-Letizia is brought to a house by her uncle and aunt, since she was abandoned by her family in college. Since they cannot have a baby, they think that Letizia can help them, but they find out that maybe this would not be a good idea as she has some other plans…no inbred threesome today.

Review-This film was described to me as the Omen meets Ed Wood film combination. Seriously….maybe the Omen remake which was god awful…Originally titled Diabolicamente… Letizia and released in the 70’s as a vechicle for italian hottie Franca Gonella. My problem with this film, is that it was just so boring that when things did happen, they just did not matter. A film like this in the vein of the 70’s italian sleeze era, you just expected something that would keep your attention. Let’s be honest, this genre of film you do not watch it for a plot, or even a music score you watch it for the pervert factor. And what a premise that just seemed so lost on what was a long winded and very boring plot and characters. The film was not the best transfer, and the selling point to this film is just bland. This film for what 10 minutes that was good, had 30 that was dreadful. This film could make a case for not all greenlit visions being smart ones. At the end of the day, there is a fan base for films like this and a die hard fan base for the director or one of the stars..but at the end of the day…it is not me.

1.5 out of 10