movie review-Medium Raw


directed by Andrew Cymek
110 minutes
Coming to dvd on August 16th

Plot-When Johnny was a child, he watched his sister get brutally killed by a serial killer known as ” the wolf”. Now, he is a police officer and he captures the fugitive and ” the wolf” is sentenced to a asylum. As fate would have it, Johnny’s wife works at Parker’s asylum, and one day he goes to finally end the nightmare and kill him, and it so happens on this fateful day that the power goes out and the inmates are free. Can Johnny even the score in this made for tv horror film.

Review-This film centers around Johnny and his obsession with ” the wolf”. The film starts off with a flashback to Johnny when he was a little kid and he watched his sister get kidnapped and murdered. And now as a young adult he is faced with that nightmare everyday. His wife is the head of Parker’s Asylum. When Johnny gets a lead and gets his chance to finally try and even the score, he gets two shots off and goes down from the claw of the wolf. One of the shots is right thru the throat, damaging the vocals chords where he cannot talk. Now, the film fast forwards to three years later. And, Johnny and his wife are seperated and he finds out that ” the wolf” is being transferred to the asylum. This film from then, focuses on the patients and Johnny’s obesssion with the killer. So happens when Johnny gets there with his partner ( played by WWE champion Christian), the lights go out and the power dies, and one by one all the patients are free and escape.

Talk about a fun little guilty pleasure. Sure it feels like Seven meets Silence of the Lambs. And with the late Andrew ” Test” Martin playing some kind of super human monster, it felt like a superhero baddie. All that aside, this was not too bad. This film was heavy into the flashback scene of him and his sister. And, when they finally broke out the wolf costume, it was pretty cool looking. This film being it was made for tv, was pretty violent and brutal, but not too blood and gore heavy. Though, they do have a cool cannibal scene. I thought going into this film,110 minutes was too long..and the first 30 minutes are so slow and do drag..but the last hour and twenty minutes when the power dies, got to be fun. There was so much action and non stop fighting, that the time flew by. And for a wrestler trying to make it in films, I will not say Christian was bad..he was better than Jericho in Albino Farm for sure. Christian probably had about 15 minutes in this film and probably 10 lines, so he was minimal.
All in all, this film is worth a rental. And on the special features they discuss the alternate ending which to me I like so much more than the one they stuck with.
7 out of 10