Movie Review-Haunting at the Beacon

Coming to dvd September 13th 2011

Plot-A couple who lost their son move in to the Beacon Apartments to start their lives again after the loss of their son. It seems like Teri Polo is having those re-occurring dreams about her son, and now thinks she is seeing ghosts in her new place.

Review-This film felt like a made for tv deal. Until the last twenty minutes of this film, this film was so redundant and played upon things we have seen in so many other films. Teri Polo plays the grieving mom, who cannot come to terms even 3 years later as to what happened to their son. All they know he was chasing a ball by the water. They assumed he drowned. Teri’s character has a husband named Paul. And of course, when Teri starts seeing ghosts..Paul does not believe her and she must be making it up. We find out that Paul, is a astrologer and also a school principal. And his wife is a stay at home loony who takes photos. Well, one day she discovers a little boy. And like instances in her past ( which we found out later happened before with other boys) at first she thinks it is her son Daniel. Well come to find out, she finds out the kid is really a dead kid named Ronnie Nash. Ronnie made the mistake of playing in the elevator system and killing himself. So when she hears and sees Ronnie she follows him to a apartment that is vacant. But, she learns that the Nash’s live in another part of town and she gets there and realizes that all the Nash’s are ghosts.

This film has so many side plots, like Paul and a has been actress who lives in the complex as well. And, Paul’s school co worker…just unnecessary banter. Which does not add to the story but it does not take away either cause at the point of the film where things should get interesting all we get is back and forth un necessary banter, esp with Teri’s sister and the neighbor Ti. Which when the big reveal in the film happens, none of this will make sense. And is so impossible. I sort of liked the last part of this film, but to sit thru the first two parts…I would say pass.

4 out of 10