Movie Review-Felony Flats

Review-Now people who always see my reviews, know I have a plot or something about the film. If you are asking me what I just witnessed, I will be honest and say..the next evolution in art house insanity. People who know me know I love my art house films. The more experimental and disturbing, the better. This film while not disturbing sure as hell was experimental. The first thirty minutes of this film was almost images, people being put to music. From loud drums, to experimental electronica to almost a folkish song. There is a scene where the main character Todd is just sitting there and you hear the music and just see his is almost like a film version of what the ipod experience is. We have a narrator in a scene, and I guess Bob did not want to let the narrator talk too much, he started to put his voice againist insane drums that get louder and louder. I do not see how this film could be accepted by a modern film crowd. A crowd that is forced fed shit like what hollywood pushes to them, and they eat it cause they do not know any other flavors. But, this film at a arthouse could be gold. This film would encourage you to use drugs. I will not say people will love or hate this film..wait let me make another statement first..every generation has that one film that stands out to you. Whether you love this film or hate it, or blast anyone who loves or hates thing is for sure, it is something you wont forget. And whether that is good or bad is up to what you call film and art, and what you deem as talent.

This film is almost too simple to a point, but when you stand back and look at it, it is not simple at all. Anyone can put a camera on a guys face, but to get the right mood and sound, is the hard part..See simple to a point but not so simple in the scheme of things.

Around the 30 minute mark we finally get a character named Ian, who talks and talks alot. And he introduces us to a Grease meets Rebel without a cause bad ass LeLand. In this film we get to see a man have sex with a blow up doll put to the sound of a weird as fuck electronica video game song, that was oddly amusing. And you get a dope smoking sequence which leads to some of the weirdest talk I ever heard..almost like a chipmunk put to music.

If Timothy Leary was alive this would be a film he would endorse after you use LSD. This film is broken down into a few segments titled, Intro, Business as Usual, I got problems Whoa Oh, and the last one the mother is the father of the manboy. And we are even teased with a sequel. Death does not hide her panties. This film is going to divide audiences, it is all about what you as a fan deem taste and talent. Me personally, I am into the weird stuff and what Bob Moricz is doing, I am certainly getting into. If you like your films a little more complicated and challenging, find him on facebook and inquire how you can see his films..

7.5 out of 10