Movie Review – Dark Walker (2003)

Dark WalkerDark Walker centers around a haunted house amusement park near Fresno, California called Hobb’s Grove, where a group of teenagers get Halloween jobs working there. What they don’t know is the land the attraction was built on has a bloody history. They soon realize they are in for more than just a Halloween job, when one by one they start dying off. soon they find a monsterous creature called, DARK WALKER, has risen to take vengence on the trespassing patrons.

Director: Danny Draven
Writers: Chuck Williams (idea), Dan Jacobs
Stars: Kathleen Taylor, Michael Sage and David DeWitt

As far as B movies go, Dark Walker is well worth the price of admission, but B movies are a far cry from what they were back in the old days. Watching Dark Walker, I found myself mildly entertained by it, but I already know that I will never watch it again. I found this one on a deep search in Netflix and it is a little known film directed by Danny Draven, who is not known for much of anything.

While the premise gives you the idea that this film has the opportunity to be frightening, at no point are there ever any scary moments in the film, and that is a shame. To have a horror movie set during Halloween at a haunted house gives you the perfect opportunity to deliver chills to your audience. Unfortunatelty, the film provided almost no atmosphere, so it never even felt like the Halloween season. But, like previously mentioned the film was not a total throwaway. It was mildly entertaining.

Gorehounds and bookhounds look elsewhere. There is none to be found here.