Mini Film Review-Legend of the Sandsquatch


directed by: Lola Wallace



Plot-In a search for her missing grandfather Sue and her friends are terrorized by the Sandsquatch.


Review-If you are familiar with VH1’s Face/off show then writer and producer Tom Devlin could be a selling point to watch this film. Trent Haaga has a role in this as well, as does my boy Travis Betz, those are the only things remotely positive I can say about this film. And not so much there involvement in this film, but just the names. Get this, the bigfoot monster is naked. This film is so much a mess. The film starts off in 1956 and 3 guys get attacked by a monster, sandsquatch, bigfoot and two of the three survive. One, Frank is obsessed so much with trying to kill this creature that be dedicates almost 50 years to trying to find it and kill it. This is where the film gets odd, it goes back and forth so much in the first 45 minutes. One minute it is 1956, and the next it is 2006 and his grand daughter and her punk rock boyfriend are going to celebrate his birthday when he comes home. Then, next second it is 1966. This film confused me so much, that when we got those very few scenes of violence and gore, you almost forget what the film is about. It is so jumbled and almost unexplained as to who is who and what is going on. As a whole, I say skip this film.