mini film review-Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood [Blu-ray]


directed by Paris Barclay



Finally out on blu ray. The transfer was better than expected, though they are still skimping on the bonus stuff..but I am glad that Echo Bridge is getting some of the obscure titles a blu ray day in the sun. Thank you.


Plot-A parody of a lot of african american films and stereotypes. From Boyz in the Hood to Juice, all the way to Poetic Justice..nothing is safe in this film. I mean it does have the Wayans Brothers in it, what do you expect…Shakespeare?



Review-To call this a cult classic is almost a joke, but to me it is. It is such a fun guilty pleasure. To me, when you talk about the Wayans Brothers, there are two different stages…Pre-Scary Movie and Post-Scary Movie. The films that happened pre-Scary Movie are the cutting edge go for the throat, offend at all costs and dare I say, devil may care attitude that worked so much in films like this. And post Scary Movie are the awful films, like White Chicks and Little Man..that you could tell the Wayans, esp. Keenan was sick of arguing with the MPAA and decided to sell out. Then you have director Paris Barclay, who has since went on to be successful doing tv shows such as Sons of Anarchy and etc. This is Airplane for a hip new crowd. The jokes are so fast and so silly, that you have to laugh. Come on, the guy has a rocket launcher and the guys go into a korean store and they keep an eye on him no matter where they go. It pokes more fun at what society perceives the black culture to be, than any film. You almost think of this as a racist shout out to the white community. What works is the humor and the straight forwardness of the characters. You almost are waiting for them to get caught up and maybe smirk or smile.

As a whole this is a must watch just for the simple fact that you cannot go wrong with the cutting edge at the time humor and the heart this film has. It tries it’s hardest to find a way to entertain you, and in the end it does a great job. This one is for my homeys.


8.5 out of 10