Metal Review – Draconian – A Rose for the Apocalypse (2011)

Draconian - A Rose for the ApocalypseIn a completely overblown and overexposed subgenre of metal such as gothic doom metal, it is hard to find a gem, but every once in a while that does happen. Okay, so Draconian’s latest effort, A Rose for the Apocalypse, may not be a gem, but at the very least, it is more than listenable. This subgenre of metal has been cooked, fried, baked and any other description that you could think of about a million times over. I am so tired of the beauty and the beast vocal pairings of the growl of the male vocals with the beautiful accompaniment of the female vocals. Sadly, a lot of these female vocalists have exceptional voices that get overshadowed because of the staleness of this genre. Way too many talented bands are getting lost in the abyss of this genre simply because too many bands are doing the same thing. Even some of the bands that made this genre popular are being forgotten about (yeah Lacuna Coil – that goes for you).

With that rant out of the way, I will talk a little about Draconian’s A Rose for the Apocalypse. Stale stereotypes aside, their latest effort is not one to be thrown into the pile of rubbish that that makes up this genre of metal. A lot of the songs are constructed very well and both side of vocals are handled exceptionally well. Musically, we already know that Draconian can handle their business with the best of them.

The majority of the songs do fall into the same stereotypical sound that we have heard hundreds of times, but for a quick listen, you could do much worse than A Rose for the Apocalypse. It is more of a standout than anything that I have heard come out of this genre in a while now. It makes for a good soundtrack to enjoy while typing away on my computer about less fun things than metal.

This makes another solid release from Draconian after the stellar release of 2008’s Turning Seasons Within which I was a fan of as well. Good for them for proving me wrong that this genre is done for all intents and purposes.