Metal Review – Brainoil – Death of This Dry Season (2011)

Brainoil - Death of This Dry SeasonAnother Oakland treat has come our way with the sludge metal release from Brainoil entitled Death of This Dry Season. Their sludgy sound is bleeding with southern rock and blues, but with a harshness that not many other sludge bands incorporate into their sound. They are downright brutal and bring it straight to you with every track of their sophmore effort. Death Of This Dry Season is set for vinyl/digital worldwide release on August 2nd, 2011 via the 20 Buck Spin label.

This is a sludge metal release that you want to check out, especially if you are into this genre. The vocals are raspy and cutting, the guitar work is a treat and the battery of this band is as solid as can be. You feel like you are mud wrestling while listening to this one and you love it. I will say that I am not a fan of too many sludge bands, so for an album of this genre to catch my eye like this one did makes it a rare treat.

Sadly, Death of This Dry Season only contains 7 tracks, but each is well worth the price of admission, so check this one out.