Killer Holiday Trailer

Killer HolidayDirected by Marty Thomas (Hotties, Monty Roberts: A Real Horse Whisperer, The N.W.A. Legacy and Xzibit: Restless Xposed), who shares story and producing credits with screenwriter Jon Zuber, and executive producers Tonya Mantooth and Michael Copon, Killer Holiday blends suspense, black humor and unique, stunning visuals with a modern thriller edge.

In the iconic tradition of Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers and Freddy Krueger, Michael Copon (The Scorpion King: Rise of a Warrior, “One Tree Hill,” “Power Rangers”) brings to life a chilling new villain, spinning a web of terror as Melvyn “Spider” Holiday. Spider stalks his prey, eight high school friends on a Spring Break road trip, luring them to a 1960s abandoned amusement park, complete with broken down vintage carnival rides, shocking surprises and the evil smell of death.

‘Killer Holiday’ also stars gamer icon Rachel Lara in her first big-screen role, Hollywood scion Alex Mandel (Howie Do It), Rachel Wixom (The Wayshower) and introduces audiences to the scream-tastic performances of Julia Beth Stern, David Namminga, Matt Calloway, Noah Zeev Gibbings and Gabriel Olivera as the targeted travelers. No “Little Miss Muffet,” former juvenile delinquent Taylor (Lara) leads her friends in the fight for both their sanity…and their lives. Will they survive Spider’s killing spree and discover the startling truth behind his sinister motivations?”

Killer Holiday is now in post-production and expecting to premiere in 2012.