Film Review- Troll Hunter


Plot- Three students film and  investigate a series of mysterious bear killings, but learn quickly that there is something else going on. They start to follow  Hans a suspected poacher, learning that he is actually a troll hunter. So they film the  journey with Hans and the encounters with trolls.


Review-The hype for this film started sometime last year. When Magnet picked it up and announced it would open it in select cities. The word of mouth for this film grew and grew. And the internet was a buzz. So much so, that they are going to be working on a american remake and also a sequel. This film is under the same category as Monsters, it is a daring film to try and release in this day and age. How many found footage films are there these days and on top of that, this one is about hunting Trolls. Ballsy. Does it pay off….yes to a point and no to another point. October 13, 2008 we learn someone found 2 hard discs and over 283 minutes of footage. Thomas and this crew are from Volda College, they are filming the rash of bear killings. And somehow stumble across a poacher named Hans. When they follow him one night to the Blasting Zone, they discover that Hans is a troll hunter and it is the trolls who are killing bears among other animals. They first encounter a three headed troll who chases them all, and thanks to Hans who has a sunlight produced flood lights on his truck, he has a way to stop the trolls. The sunlight either makes them turn to stone or explode. That trolls are attracted to the blood of christians, and that you have to wear this troll stench to hide from them.

We also learn there is a security service who make sure we never know about trolls and stops them and slaughters them. The main selling point is the trolls. And you get some good troll scenes. But, my negative were how unappealing the characters were at times. Esp. Hans you are supposed to sympathize with him and he comes across so uncaring in scenes and caring in others, that I am not sure how to feel about him. The film has a amazing climax scene, that if you look at the dvd box– spoiler. The night vision scenes in the cave with the trolls was cool as was the fight on the bridge with the sheep. I can see why people would be gaga over this, it is a brave ushering for those monster films of yesteryear. And with Monsters, it also is so well paced that it makes the troll scenes mean something. All in all, I am not super hyped about seeing it or running to rooftops praising it. But, I liked it enough to say..I would watch it again.

7.5 out of 10