Film Review-The Clinic



directed by James Rabbitts

87 minutes

Available August 9th


Plot-While traveling across country with her fiancee Cameron,  pregnant Beth wakes alone in an isolated clinic. When she wakes up, her baby has been delivered and is gone. Along with a few other women who are also in the same situation, they are out to find out what happened to their kids and if they can get out alive.

This film takes place in 1979 and is inspired by true events, or so they say in the credits. The film starts off innocent enough, they are driving thru the country and just all of a sudden a truck was swerving and cuts them off, thus bringing their station wagon on the side of the road. They decide the small town coming up ( Montgomery) they should stop at the hotel for the day. The hotel manager seems like a real shady guy. At first he is noticing Beth and how beautiful her body is and brings it up to Cameron in detail. Then, charges them 35.00 a person including the unborn baby. And given this is the only hotel within 200 to 300 miles what choice do they have? The night comes and in the middle of it, Cameron decides to go get food and comes home and Beth is gone. From there, Cameron calls the police and it is the same stuff, he has to wait 24 hours to file a missing person report and you know he is going to get irate by this process and finger point who he thinks abducted her and his accusations get violent when he beats up the hotel manager and gets arrested. Well, on the way to jail…Cameron somehow gets the cop’s gun and now he is off to save Beth or find out where she is. And the whole wile, Beth wakes up in a strange clinic and with a few girls, they are out to find their babies. Now comes the fun part. and hence the cover of the dvd. They find the babies and they are color coded who is who, and the kicker the color ribbons are inside the girls stomachs. They have to open their c-section scars to find out what color their baby’s codes are.



Review-A film like The Clinic will have it’s fans and haters. I mean it is not the most original film, and while the acting is good..looking at the cover of this film people will be expecting more gore and blood then this film delivers. This film plays like a good drama with a few scenes of gore and a lot of suspense. This film is all about how much you buy into the fear of Cameron and not knowing what happened to his wife and the struggle Beth has to find her child and escape. Not only is she dealing with the people who abducted her, but she is also dealing with one of the women out to kill the others so she wont have to cut her belly open to get color ribbon, she will just get the other 4’s and know hers is the 5th one.


The script may be the same old same old, but this film throws in a few twists here and there to make it feel sort of different. But, towards the end when the film starts to wind down, took some unnecessary chances that failed. You built a film up, and you just sort of throw a weird plot twist and say ok, this was your film. It made a decent film feel cheap to a point. In the end, I have seen worst…and this film did entertain me for the most part, I just wish the director would have taken more smarter chances and also choices with the premise and relied less on trying to over explain this film.


7 out of 10