Film Review-Super Hybrid


directed by: Eric Valette

94 minutes


Coming to dvd and blu ray on August 23rd


Plot-From Eric Valette the director of the remake of One Missed Call comes a tale of a car who comes into the Chicago police impound garage after a  accident. The crew soon find out this car is more than they bargained for.


Review-This film actually screened at a few festivals in late 2010, and the word of mouth was not too good so they delayed release. Now that they finally released it, I will say this, it was not that bad. Given that the strongest parts of this film are from the 32 minute mark till the 1 hour and 12 minute mark, this film could have been and should have been a whole hell of a lot of worst. The film starts off with 2 kids who see this nice ride and somehow or another they get inside the car, and discover the car really is not what it seems to be, as it kills them inside almost like swallowing them inside. We learn this car can morph into any car or truck. After a wreck that totals it out, it is put in the garage..or impound and there it morphs itself back. My question is..if it could do this all along, why go to a impound? Once there, it is out to kill the 6 people who work there. As the story goes along, we learn that the car can bleed and has a squid looking alien living inside the hood. This in itself just sounds absurd, or something out of the Mega vs Giant..or anything with the word Dino in front of it film library. But, the thing is..I had fun with a majority of the film. I liked the not knowing what car or truck it could be. I liked some of the chase scenes. Knowing films like this, you do not go into looking for a plot or great dialogue. You just go into it, knowing that it will be campy or extremely bad. This one is in-between the campy and bad. The last 20 minutes of the film was inexcusably bad. And the ending, you know there will be a sequel..but seriously this way??  And of course the impound is going to be locked down and no one can leave. But, at least it explained why they could not hide on the stairs..because this car can morph and climb stairs and drive the same time. As a whole, I thought the premise was ok, I liked some of the cars and trucks. At times dare I say, it had a Jaws sort of feel. By no means am I saying it is even remotely close to being Jaws, it just had the tension in certain key scenes. Of course, a secretary in high heels has a chance against a speeding car. Esp. one that can devour a office. As you can see in this review, this film expects a lot of suspending your disbelief and buying into a car that can do a lot of things. I say, pop some popcorn, or get some cheese and nachos whatever floats your boat, maybe get this on a rental..and who knows it may be fun for you.

6.5 out of 10