Film Review-Norwegian Ninja


Coming to home video August 30th


Plot-this film takes place in 1984 when high ranking Norwegian  Arne Treholt was tried and convicted of acting  as a spy on behalf of the Soviet Union. Although based on the true accounts of that time, this is done in a tongue and cheek way. It takes true historical events and actual newsreel footage of the Treholt affair with the director’s own fictional spin on the  less-than-historical elements.


Review-This film paints a picture of either bold political satire or accusing the Soviet Union of falsifying the charges they accused Treholt of. Either way, the film is in subtitles, and at times unless you are a speed reader, may miss a line or two. If you are going to watch this for the ninja action, you are in the wrong film. You get a few decent scenes of action. There is a scene that involves the guys underwater who mistaken a group of fish for a Soviet sub, and then a boat fires missiles at them. That scene was clearly a tip of the hat to James Bond. It was well shot and very well done. Then, there is a mountain scene that has a cool fight scene but the falling scenes were better shot. Almost poetic, like something out of Crouching Tiger. This film is heavy on maybe Arne being a martyr for something bigger, that him and his group were scapegoats. It focused a lot on all the members of this ninja team. They train in a grassy island named Oslo Fjord. And they give us a brief history on each member.

This film had a few comic moments, but it was so long and drawn out in certain scenes that unless you lived thru this case and ordeal you may get lost in it. And, I am a history buff, but I did not know anything about the original trail or the events leading up to it. This film does not focus on that part, it focuses on Arne and his crew, what they stood for and their duty was. It was to protect Norwegian way of life.

Would I recommend this film…if you are a history buff esp about events like the Cold War. You may get into this film. It was almost Austin Power-ish in some points. If you are a casual movie fan looking for a great solid action film, you will not like this. The film is well written and the actors were ok, it just got so heavy handed and the political theme of the film just was so heavy almost preachy at times, it took away the fun element of what this film does offer in a few scenes.


6 out of 10