Film Review-Nail Gun Massacre

Plot-This 1985 classic revolves around a young girl who is gang raped by a crew of construction workers, someone starts killing off members of the group with a nail-gun.

Review-This is the first and only film that Terry Lofton ever directed. Before we talk about the film, let me discuss the bonus stuff. Trust me, it will help with the film and how you percieve it. Nailed is a 24 plus minute documentary that is more of a q and a with Terry from the store he filmed the grocery scene. To hear him talk about this film today ( well in 2005) he almost seems like he has several axes to grind. He talks about the joy of directing his first film, and the work that came with it..that some things slipped by and things he could not afford on the budget he had. He talks about all the critics that dismissed his film as being ” clueless to a point”. And I agree, I mean when people see a film like this, you almost know what to expect..why take the film so seriously? Then, we go on to the most obvious blurb ever. In the deleted scenes, because there was no volume he decides to do commentary. He attacks distributors as ( hinted on) being money grubbing that he was robbed and felt like he should have seen more money. Well, we at least know Magnum Entertainment was not the best partner you could have in that era. Now onto the film. So you know this film is ultra and I mean ultra low budget. Look at the title, so you know the acting is not going be on a DeNiro or Streep level. Why not have fun with this film? This film is a shut your brain off, and just relax and let the cheeziness of this film soak in. This film starts off with a rape scene, that was more odd than a usual rape almost looked like a saturday at the tractor pull. Then, we pull to a scene in the bedroom that for like a good three minutes a camera was focused on a woman’s breasts. Like they were going to talk. And there was the kills, oh man that was some fun stuff…and the sound of the nail gun. Oh lord, this film has cult classic written all over it. And the killer’s voice over sounded like they were in a recording studio. They have this sex scene that is taking place on a tree….yes a tree, cause she did not want to lay in a ant bed. A standing tree. The bad one liners of the killer, a scene where a chainsaw hacks off someone’s hand when he is shot with nails and the killer says..”are you falling to pieces over me” Get it..I love the doctor, he says he hates wearing white and quit wearing white, but he has a white t shirt on. Is he color blind? And the hitchhiker looked like old school Mike Reno of Loverboy. Get this two characters go on a date and the girl says ” take me somewhere nice”. And he takes her to this car hop sonic want to be that has a 1.19 grilled cheese special and that he has been banging the car hop chick. That in itself was priceless. And the sex scene in the car,and they get out and she says ” what if my mom drives down this road and sees us”. I mean look at what I was just pointing out, this movie is so funny silly, that why not watch it. I recommend this because it is just so cheezy and sleazy, why not?

7 out of 10