film review-iCrime (2011)



directed by:Bears Fonte

111 minutes

coming to home video on 9/27/2011


After I watched this film, I had to go to IMDB and read the plot. Instead of cutting and pasting what they said is a plot to this film, I will tell you what I thought the plot was. Carrie Kevin is living with her cousin Stefy, Carrie works with models. They all talk down to her. But, she is out to protect her cousin Stefy. Who hangs out with her girlfriends and does lesbian acts to get men’s attention, and then one night stand here and there. Even Carrie witnesses this behavior first hand, and acts like Stefy is pure as snow. Well, the film opens with Carrie going to town with a guy named Parker. She tells him to take some X with her before they have sex, and he does. Then she informs him, it was not X..he actually took a roofie. She then goes thru his personal library of sex tapes and keeps one which is part of a plot that is more confusing then this film, so no spoils..but she burns the rest of them. Then, we learn that she spends all her time on the computer with a guy she likes. And she also blogs about a pop star actress named Jordan. One day Jordan online during one of her web chats gets abducted by two masked assailants. And our girl Carrie, thinks it was fake and did not happen. Well, she is hired to investigate this. This film is just so muddled and confusing. It will start a plot, then stop it to only start another plot that means nothing, then go back to the original plot. To watch this culture act, it is truly sad. That people are so fake and superficial, that love, sex and just human kindness are so empty and shallow. That you can pick it up and throw it away on a moment’s notice and not have a feeling about it.


This also paints another picture…what the internet has become. In a scene one model tells the casting person ” they are a psudeo internet nobody”. I know a lot of models who do online modeling and are respected, as I do many critics who do online reviews, that also are pretty respected. To hear that line, you had to think the idiot who wrote this film, views people that are not big names or hollywood as beneath him. It was just all thru the film suttle hints that if you are not in this clique of people you do not exist. That life is so cheap these days, that forever is just another word like empty. Sad to tell people, there is life outside of hollywood and fame and fortune. Look around the real world, we do exist.


This film to me, should never have been made, much less greenlit. It is not a whole film, it felt like a MTV reality show. It was the most bored I been watching anything all the way thru since I started being a nobody blogger. I never heard of Bears Fonte before, and hopefully I will never hear of him again.