Film Review-Filth to Ashes, Flesh to Dust

Plot-In order to create a perfect race, one man must kill anyone who is not what he deems perfect. From minorities, drug users and non virgin women, he is out to make the world pure…

Review-The film starts off with two women who are captured, and they both find a way to escape. We learn the killer has a hitler, neo nazi fetish, and is going in pursuit of these two women who escaped his chains. So he catches one, but the other seems to get away. It just so happens when all this is going on, a young couple is driving down the road. And decide to stop and use the bathroom. Well thrown into Eric and Shelly’s world, is the one woman who escaped. And along with her comes the killer. And the killer decides to kill Shelly. And somehow Eric and the other girl escape. Now we fast forward a year later. Eric’s little brother and 5 of his friends, have to go and see if this guy is alive or dead. And Eric who is still haunted by his ex love who is heavily used in a lot of flashbacks. Well, here comes the victim girl, and she wants her and Eric to go and get Eric’s brother and his friends from going to meet the killer if he is still alive, which we all know he will be.

I was mildly entertained by half of it. The flashbacks were so silly, and at times just foolishly put in to waste time and help the film make it to the end. This film though, ran out of gas around the hour mark. And how it made it to the end is beyond me. The film has so many pacing issues. From overdone scenes to moments that did not seem to fit the story. I know you are trying to build characters, but why build them by making them so one note and non compassionate. Because it is a white supremacist killer, you can guess there will be minorities going to see if he is alive and of course, there will be the preppy rich girl who is above this and too good to even be seen with half of the people she is with. What worked for me with this film was the kills. The kills were top notch, and so was the violence.

What did not work for me, was the rest of the film. It was just boring dialogue and silly situations none of us would ever find ourselves in. And the characters were all so evil and cruel in their words and attitudes, you almost wish they were all killed in the first twenty seconds and we would have new characters. While not terribly bad, it is just not terribly good.

3.5 out of 10