Film Review-Exotic Malice


Plot-This is one of Joe D’Amato’s italian sleaze films. I think this is part of the long rumored coming to dvd re release of the Orgasmo Nero collection. ( sort of depends on who you ask) This plot is all about Mark who is haunted by his feelings of guilt about his lover’s suicide, then we find out Mark is diagnosed with a prostate cancer that allows him only a few weeks of life. So he makes up his mind and goes to the island where he is looking for some girl he fell in love with. You know the rest, he gets on the here and head there. Also as a bonus there is shot to vhs bad transfer of a masturbation scene.


Review-I will be the first to tell you I am in the dark on the D’Amato legacy and why people are so into these films. This is now my fourth one I watched of his and while not as bad as that abortion called Sexy Pirates, this was not that great either. The plot just seemed like a soap opera or a lifetime movie of the week. It was just not what I expected out of this film. It tried to be emotional at times and we are supposed to feel sorry for Mark. Seriously, dude is banging anything that walks past him. Now the main selling point of this film are the sex scenes….they were so bad. Not even good bad, they were bad bad. If these scenes turn you on, you have issues. And in the sex scenes you just get a full shot of his balls bouncing up and down. Seriously? And, what is up with him and that heavy set chick getting it on and you know they were a little generous in those scenes. And of course, you know he finds his long lost love and when he does get this..he gets to watch her having sex, and does not get to take part. Then, Shannon tries to cry and it is bad. Just very bad.

The music in the film was somewhat ok, it is by  Nico Fidenco who also did a few more films with Joe. Do not ask me which, cause I will lie and pretend I know. All in all, this film is good for a few laughs and is cable porn.  You get a scene in the film of a woman masturbating while Mark is sleeping but it is the worst job at trying to pretend he is sleeping I have seen. And there are some decent looking girls who almost pass as cute. All in all, I hope the next two are better than this one.


4 out of 10