Film Review-Boggy Creek (2010)



directed by: Brian T Jaynes

87 minutes

Plot-Another trip thru the legend of Boggy Creek. We are all familiar with this story.

Review-Talk about a letdown. The first 2 minutes of this film showed so much promise. You had an awesome death scene or two and some cool Bigfoot like poses set to cool music, and I thought man this film is going to rock. Then reality set in. From the 2 minute mark all the way to the one hour and 10 minute mark, this film was a total waste of time and bore. It starts off with plain jane Jennifer, who is jogging to the most generic and awful pop music. And then her friend  Maya starts to tell us in detail about the trip to Boggy Creek, Texas to stay in Jennifer’s dad place. Then, you just know it besides the dull dialogue back and forth that none of us would ever have or share with anyone are the flashbacks to Jennifer’s youth. Where her mom was mean to her, but her dad was good to her and she just loved being with her dad. The way they talked and sounded it was so overacted and hokey. Maya tells about 2 more people going to on the trip with them. Dave and his girlfriend. Once we get to the cabin. Jennifer has a breakdown, then another over her past and the memories. There is a scene where her best friend comes in the room and she is wiping tears away and the friend never even asks what is wrong and pretends she is not even crying. Jennifer stays at the cabin while the other 3 go into town for dinner. Once there Brooke asks the waitress if the hush puppies are fried? No offense but never in my life have I heard of anyone who thought a hush puppy was baked. While they are gone, Jennifer meets the neighbor Dustin. Who tells Jennifer of the legend of Boggy Creek and how his wife was killed. Who looked a lot like the actress who played Brooke. And funny, that when Brooke meets Dustin to say hello, he never even notices it. And of course, after Jen hears the stories she has another flashback of her dad warning her about the woods. And, you just know Dave and his gf have a fight and she leaves the house, and no one ever notices that she does not drive off in her vehicle and is gone a long time. But, instead Jen is flirting with him and he is trying to get in her pants. Also you just know they will have the black character who always plays jokes on people. His idea of jokes, to come to a place in the middle of the night in a ski mask and threaten harm on people. Get it. Around the hour and ten minute mark you get one or two kills. I was just happy to get anything and get away from the boredom. But, it was the very last shot of the film that I really was mad about. It was sort of cool. Where was this in this whole film?  What a wasted opportunity. This film could have been awesome and sadly it is awful.

1.5 out of 10