Film Review-Beverly Lane

Plot-This film answers the question, what you should and should not do if a zombie apocalypse breaks out. Just a normal day, a local company is celebrating the retirement of their boss. And, when they think a stripper is coming to entertain them, they realize she is a zombie and that outside of their office is a outbreak. Makes you want to just call in sick that day…welcome folks to Beverly Lane….

Review-I have heard Joshua Hull, talk a lot about this film. And I thought ok, this film cannot be all this hype and then some. Boy, was I wrong. Joshua has done something that future filmmakers should study and learn. How to use a small budget to your benefit. What it lacked in gore and zombies, which were a little here and there. It made up for in sharp comedy and some dialogue and scenarios that have never been explored in a zombie film before. This was a smart film. Brilliantly written and almost like a stage play. This film believed in the cast and the situations, that they focused so much time on them, and it was worth it. From the theme of the retirement party which was 30’s carnival. With a few clowns, a mime and a barbershop singer. And this magician who sounds a lot like Jon Lovitz. All the pop culture references in this film, making jokes about a Weekend at Bernie’s 4 with a werewolf theme called New Old Moon. And get this a clown counsel that hate the mime.

And then you have Susan, who is way too happy to help with the re population of society. While the other two women will not sacrifice their vaginas for mankind. And a biker who claims he is the Ginger Rogers of killing zombies..All these people wetting themselves on films like Shawn of the Dead, should see this film. And if you are into tv shows like the Office and Outsourced, you will love this film a lot. This film has to be in my top ten of 2011…it is so fucking ballsy and really a change of pace to the zombie film. Almost like the anti zombie film. I will say this, all the way to the end of the credits with the closing snippet that was just as silly as this whole film. This is what Zombieland tried to be. Joshua Hull is for real. I am impressed…and you guys who want a change of pace, will be as well.

9 out of 10