Film Review-Bereavement review

Coming to home video August 30th

Before I start the review, Stevan has changed his tune about if this is a
prequel to Malevolence or it’s just something all together different. Which I
somewhat respect. Malevolence was something of a cult hit on dvd, and he is
trying to not alienate fans from watching this film. So we will treat it as
both. This film follows Graham Sutter who at the beginning of this film abducts
a little boy named Martin. He teaches Martin that pain, knives and torture have
no feelings. That the people they are abducting and killing, there is some kind
of meaning or purpose. Enter the neighbors down the road, The Millers. They have
a neice who is 17 named Allison
who since the death of her parents now who lives with them, and one day jogging
witnesses Martin in a window. Will Allison find out about what happens at the
closed down Sutters Meat and Poultry. Will anyone stop the madman Graham Sutter
from abducting and killing? To start off, Stevan Mena, how many of us in 2004 after watching Malevolence did
not just sit there and think..this is the future of this genre. Then came his
big sophomore slump Brutal Massacre that absolutely was horrid. Now, this film.
Where do I start? The positives. It had some brutal gore. Some of the kills were
sick. The abduction scenes were built and delivered perfectly. I loved the
characters, Allison was a great heroine. The scenes in which she is abducted,
are really beautifully shot and create a lot of tense moments. Martin, is like a
mini Michael Myers. And tell me anyone who does not watch this film and make
that comparison right away. The scenery was incredible. There is some great
camera work in this film.And the last 15 minutes of this film, is just gruesome
and so violent. How did this pass by the MPAA.  The negatives. The film was 20
minutes too long. Some scenes just dragged, and the dialogue just went nowhere.
Like the scenes with Allison and William who she meets and falls in love with.
Or the classroom scenes, what purpose did they serve, just  to prove to us she
went to school. And the Miller family, Michael Biehn who played the dad, just overacts. Again, this film is
just so dialogue heavy. Fans, do not want to hear about it, they want to see it.
Malevolence worked cause it was to the point, and built a great story in a
matter of seconds and built suspense. This film tries hard to do the same, but
fails. Why all the mystery? It is like they are going to wait for a third one to
introduce silent characters that are hinted about during this film. In the end,
it is 70 percent good. I do not know why, but this is fucking Mena and Bereavement, I expected something to
just kick my ass and get me excited about horror again. This film just felt like
another footnote in the trail of Hostel and Saw. I am just dying to see the
reactions after the ending and you are like, ” ok this was Bereavement..and it
took 4 years to give us this?”

6.5 out of 10