Film Review-A Horrible Way to Die



directed by: Adam Wingard

Coming to dvd and blu ray on September 6th


Plot-An escaped murderer is in pursuit of his ex-girlfriend, who has fled to start a new life in a small town. Along the way we learn that she is a recovering alcoholic and meets Kevin who she falls for, will she be able to keep her past behind her and concentrate on the future, or will her past catch up to her.


Review-This film is odd. So much so, I am not sure if the casual horror fan could get into it. This film is basically fast forward, backward and seconds. To add to the confusion, this film tries so hard to be smart that at times it felt too smart for its own good. The actors while ok to a point in their roles, were so complicated in their lives, it was hard to determine who really was the one we should root for. Garrick Turrell, notorious serial killer escapes and is  free and he is out to get his girlfriend, which by the time we go thru not one twist but three twists, we get to the climax that was just as confusing as the film.

It is like if Red, White and Blue and Requiem for a Dream went thru the blender. This is what would come out. When Sarah is in rehab meetings it seems so unrealistic and overacted, and then when she hooks up with Kevin, it was ok at times but it seemed so rushed. She was supposed to be a scared lover and an ex alcoholic, you are telling me a woman that fragile will just up and fall for any stranger. Then, they have a sex scene that was so poorly done. I understand the concept of putting on a condom and then when he got off too quickly it seemed so fake, to the point you wanted to just say ok..we know you do not react like this during a time like that, but get to the next scenario. The last twenty minutes while twist filled, was really the saving grace. Now, it had some decent kill scenes and blood. And a really creepy scene with Garrick in a car with a young female who is begging for her life. If you like a challenge, this film is a challenge. And, maybe some people will really get into it. I was entertained by enough of this film I could slightly very slightly recommend it. But, this film is a complicated confusing head fuck mess.


6 out of 10