DVD Review-Dexter Season 5

Coming to dvd August 16th

Plot-In the aftermath of last season’s cliffhanging finale Rita’s death ( Rita is Dexter’s wife) has left Dexter  feeling responsible possibly even… guilty.
This season was all about Dexter dealing with the trauma of not being able to kill Trinity before he killed Rita. And Dexter trying to re-connect with his step daughter who is taking her mom’s death hard and is mad at him. Then on a night he is supposed to just kill a serial killer, he meets Lumen, one of his victims and saves her.  And, Lumen wants revenge on the people who kidnaped her. Last season, Dexter was after Trinity..this year it is Jordan Chase and his group. And with Lumen beside him, can they stop him before his group put more innoncent women in barrels and throw them into the swamp. While all this is going on, back at the police station Deb and Quinn are falling for each other but Deb does not know that Quinn is convinced that Dexter is responsible for Rits’a death and is out to prove it with the help of a sleezy private detective. A major plus-Keith Gordon did some of the directing. ( he played the kid in Christine who is obsessed with the car, and also Back to School as Rodney’s son..but he directed my fave film..The Chocolate War and did a good war film called A Midnight Clear)

Review-Kudos to pay cable channels. Talk about stepping up. To compete with regular network tv both HBO and Showtime has beefed up its roster in the last few years. True Blood and Dexter being the main two us horror fans know very well. Dexter has become that show that actually starts getting better each season. But, this season took a few more episodes than usual to hit the stride we come to know and love. While some people liked the slow first few episodes that focused more on the death of Rita and Dexter coping with it. I just know Season 4 was the best season and to even compete with it, Dexter had to step it up a notch. Which started happening once they introduced the Lumen character. Season 5 had rumors of- tensions, inner fighting, and affairs and a few of the crew who wanted raises. And, with rumors of the tension on the set of Season 6, and some big twist this year. I do not see how this show can ever be as good as it was with Trinity and Season 4. This season our main bad guy was a self help teacher and millionaire called Jordan Chase. He has people who help him abduct women and kill them. So, when Dexter kills one of the people in Jordan’s group, he notices a girl trapped and helps her. Lumen, tells Dexter about the guy not being alone and there are more. And then Dexter discovers all these barrels with women in them. And with Lumen, he is out to stop them. Rita’s body is not even cold yet, and Dexter falls for Lumen, cause she is becoming the female version of him. She is being sucked into the darkness, and needs to avenge her wrongs. The season worked when it had the back and forth between Dexter and Jordan, as Dexter had to find out what makes him tick and who works with him. Also, now he has Quinn who is trying to score brownie points with Dexter’s sister but thinks Dexter is behind Rita’s death. So he hires a detective to investigate Dexter played by Peter Weller. Then, you got Dexter’s step kids. Esp. his now rebellious daughter who took mom’s death really hard and does not forgive Dexter for not protecting mom. But, the saving grace of this season was when Lumen came into the fold. All in all, Dexter did pick up strong in the 4th episode all the way to the finale. And created some cool moments like the blood on the shoe, and the detective who knew all Dexter’s secrets. I am just created some scenarios that you fans should eat up and want to check this out. I am still a fan..and I am geared up for Season 6 and to see what the big twist can be. Any rumors they are going to have like a Casey Alexander character on there? All these questions…hurry up Showtime and answer them…

 8.5 out of 10