Concert Photos – Machine Head at the Mayhem Festival July 31, 2011

Machine Head ruled the Revolver stage at the Mayhem Festival Sunday afternoon. It still is beyond me how they did not make the main stage, but some things can never be explained. They had a great set opening up with Imperium. After that, it was all from The Blackening and they played Locust from the upcoming album. I may have liked to see some older tracks, but it is what it is. The Blackening is an amazing album regardless. It still baffles me that they did not play Davidian though. They closed the set out with Halo.

I got to interview Adam Duce before the show, and I would have to say that did not go well. He was not a good interview in any way which I was actually surprised about. He was arrogant and sounded like a disgruntled employee about how his name would not be found on the writing credits. It sounded like I hit a sore spot and it all went downhill from there.

Regardless of that experience, it was all good and it was great to see some of these songs live again. I had never seen Imperium live before, so that was nice. I had seen all of the other ones live before from their opening set on Heaven and Hell tour.

Machine Head at the Mayhem Festival July 31, 2011