Cd Review-Akentra-Asleep


1 Alive
2 Do My Best
3 Gimme Your Gun
4 Asleep
5 New Game
6 Alone
7 Daddy
8 Make Up
9 Just Close Your Eyes
10 Follow Me
11 My Left Foot
12 Twelve


Akentra is named after a carnivorous plant.



Singer : Lucia Ferreira РDrums : Steve Tilmant РBass : st̩phane Rayot Рguitars : Habib Mas Рguitars : Thomas Boileux



How did I miss this cd? It was released on November 2010. And until a few weeks ago, I never heard of this band. What a fucking crime. For all you into female vocalists like I am. This cd is a must. If you never heard of this band before, start with Do my best. This song shows you Lucia’s range and talent. She goes from melodic to heavy and pop to goth in the period of this whole song. And pulls all of them off. It sounds like what Sapphic Ode would have done today if they still existed. The whole cd is catchy lyrics and you can tell this band is thinking of the big picture and how it can get fans to sing a long live. Thomas and Habib on guitars are not your usual straight forward or play by the rules guitarists. They really bring a new element to Lucia’s vocals, almost like two loud co singers. A song like Gimme your gun sounds like old school Lennon Murphy and what she tried to accomplish before she did Devil’s Gift. This could fit on any alternative radio show. The title track Asleep, is that song that metal fans will dig the most of this whole cd. You have the delicate vocals of Lucia with the guitars crunching and the drums just crashing harder and harder. I love the break in the song that it sort of changes direction. This would be the perfect song to start the live show with. I can picture people just headbanging wanting to mosh and go insane, and just get into the calm before the storm vocal job.


People keep bitching and complaining that music is dead, you need to listen to this cd and see that music is not ready to die just yet. This cd there is not one song that I think is filler. And when I hear Wake up, I am just so into the sound of this band. And with bands like Akentra and Velcra..I am glad women are branching out vocal style to give us something different but yet familiar. This cd should have not gone so long without me not knowing about it. I love this cd a lot.


10 out of 10