Blu Ray Review-DeadGirl

Coming to blu ray August 30th


Plot-Rickie and JT -two high school misfits who cut  school to explore an abandoned hospital. They make a discovery  that  will challenge their sanity and tear apart their young  lives forever. In this coming of age film they see a woman stripped naked and chained to a table. She s abandoned,  beautiful and  might be dead.

Review-Kudos to Dark Sky Films. Look at their library of films. Whether you like them or hate them, you have to support them just for the fact that they are putting out some ballsy films. And Deadgirl is that one film that on paper you will think this film can not succeed. And when you watch it, it works. From the characters and the well written script. This film from start to finish is solid. It centers around two friends, you have the left side of our life Rickie, who gets picked on and is easily led around and gets his heart broken by the girl he loves. And then you have the right side of life which is JT. Who just does not care, says the things we all wished we could say when life and things happen to us that we cannot stop or control. This film centers around both of them coming of age, and eventually their friendship and sanity being challenged by decisions that who knows if we would make in the same boat. At one part of the film is the reality of the matter. When JT really rationalizes his behavior by saying look this is the best we can get. In this time of life, is when people like us who shoot for something and fall short or may not get what we wanted, have to face the reality of what would we do if this is the best we can get. And this is how the film works to its strengths, where you almost feel sorry for what behavior they are doing. But, realize that they have almost been forced into this behavior by life and all around them. This film while radically different in meaning is no more different than a Frankenhooker or even for that matter the old school Frankenstein films. As a whole, I know the die hards have already seen this film, but if you do not own it. This blu ray the transfer is unreal. It is amazing. And, they have a cool little 7 minute making of with Trent Haaga talking about this film. As a whole, I love Deadgirl and hope this film opens more doors to more people being original and stop the hollywood crap machine of remakes and sequels.


9 out of 10