White Collar Season 2 dvd review

By Melissa DePaolo

Just as a warning, this review contains **SPOILERS** from Season 1.

quick recap – series overview

Neal Caffery (portrayed by Matt Bomer) is a very smooth criminal. He was captured by FBI agent Peter Burke (Tim DeKay) and placed in prison. After Neal attempts to escape prison and is recaptured, he makes a deal with Agent Burke to act as a consultant to the white collar crimes division of the FBI.

This season follows Neal as he searches for Kate’s (his girlfriend) killer. After watching her plane explode, he continues his search for the mysterious music box. While doing so he continues to assist the FBI by helping them solve various white collar crimes including counterfeiting, kidnapping and political corruption.

So, the nice thing about White Collar is that while there is an overall season arc, there are plenty of stand alone episodes to interest the occasional viewer. Also, the visuals of the show are superb. The chemistry between the cast is very enjoyable, especially between Matthew Bomer (Neal) and Willie Garson, who plays con artist Mozzie.

So, if you enjoy intelligent, witty shows about heists and cons, you should definitely check out White Collar. Both season 1 and 2 are available on DVD and new episodes are currently airing on USA.